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Last updated: 17 april 2019

These terms & conditions apply for all services provided by the SitePack platform.


We use various definitions for our users on the SitePack platform.

  • Visitor - a visitor on a site
  • Site owner - a person who owns a site on this platform
  • SitePack - the SitePack company, based in the Netherlands


SitePack has free online documentation available for site owners. If a site owner has an active Business (or higher) subscription, he/she has the right for premium support. Site owners with a free account do not have access to our premium support staff. The SitePack team may reply with an upgrade response if a site owner with a free account tries to enjoy premium support.


SitePack is trying to deliver the best performance and up-time for the site owners. If the service fails for a (short) period of time, SitePack is never responsible for any kind of damage to the site owners company, visitors and people (including staff).


SitePack is working hard on the security and encryption of data on their platform. If you've found a vulnerability, please report it as soon as possible on

If there was any data stolen by third parties, we may have to report them to the Autoriteit Persoonsgegevens (AP) in the Netherlands. SitePack is never financially responsible for any (consequential) damage.

Read more about security in our privacy policy.

Site owner content

SitePack is never responsible for any content, sales, predictions and promises made by a site owner or its staff. If a visitor reads any kind of information that does not meet our content standards (see: limitations), please contact us and we will review the given piece of content.

Updates on the terms and privacy policy

The site owners and visitors are responsible to read the terms & conditions and privacy on a regular basis. SitePack is not required to notify site owners and visitors when one (or more) of these policies change.


SitePack may stop the services without warning, when a site owner does meet one or more of the following requirements:

  • Illegal pornography (e.g. childporn, porn without permission of the owner)
  • Offensive content
  • Marketing content about illegal goods, medicines and drugs (informational content may be allowed by SitePack with permission)
  • The site owner or his staff does not communicate and behave in a civil manner towards SitePack
  • Other unacceptable content discovered by the SitePack team

In such cases, SitePack will sent the site owner a statement explaining the reason for disabling a site. In this case, the site owner cannot ask for a refund and has to pay for the whole month and the subscription for the given site will be suspended immediately.

Subscriptions and duration

All subscriptions have a duration of 1 month. The subscription will start immediately when the site owner activates a module or site subscription. SitePack will renew the subscription automatically each month by 1 month.

Subscriptions may be cancelled at any time. The subscription will stop on the given end date of the subscription and will not be renewed.

Refund policy

SitePack has no refund policy.

Law and venue

Any disputes in connection with this agreement are governed by Dutch law and must be brought before the courts of 's-Hertogenbosch, the Netherlands.

Privacy policy

SitePack has a privacy policy for all its users and site owners.

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